Why businesses on the Costa del Sol should protect their business with Cape Reed’s Fireshield

by | Sep 27, 2022 | Blog, New products, Projects

There is nothing quite as dramatic as a natural disaster and we’ve had our fair share of them throughout Europe over the last few years. In particular, wild fires, which have the potential to destroy everything in their path, displacing people and taking lives, including the brave firefighters who battle against the flames and suffocating heat.
According to the media Euronews.comMore than 700,000 hectares of land have been affected by forest fires across Europe this year. This is the largest area affected by fires since records have been kept. Spain, in particular, has been badly affected with 283,000 hectares burned in fires. Not all fires are confined to inland areas, the slightest spark from a barbecue or a carelessly discarded cigarette can start a fire and burn anywhere.
Whether the initial spark is accidental or provoked, the results are catastrophic for many families and businesses. The fires are attributed to the extreme temperatures of the July heat wave across Europe. In the UK, even the central London region suffered several fires. Statistics provided by Planet Labs show that between January and 23 July, a whopping 515,475 hectares were destroyed.

Can beachside businesses protect against fire?

This is when we need to ask the question, “Is there anything that businesses on the Costa del Sol can do to prevent or at least slow the progress and limit the damage caused by fires?”. The answer is yes, it is possible to protect structures with professional fire-retardant treatments, such as Cape Reed's Fireshield de Cape Reed.

Along the Costa del Sol the beaches are dotted with chiringuitos and beach clubs,from small rustic shacks to celebrity hangouts such as the Nikki Beach in Marbella. Apart from the superb beachside locations and fresh seafood dishes (one such chiringuito staple is sardines prepared on an open fire!), they all have one thing in common… the buildings are constructed using natural materials such as a wood, reeds and ‘brezo’. In the case of Nikki Beach, the venue has lots of wooden sunbeds, daybeds, thatch shades, pool bars constructed of wooden gazebos with thatch roofing.

All it takes is for one spark from the sardines and BBQ to be carried on a gust of wind for a fire to take hold. Obviously, no sane chiringuito owner is going to forego the BBQ to avert a fire risk, when they have queues of hungry customers who have been tempted in by the delicious aromas.

Laguna Village, Estepona

Laguna Village Estepona

Of course, it isn’t only the rustic chiringuitos which are at risk of catching fire from a spark or nearby forest fire. An example of one of the most high-profile fires in Malaga province over the last few years is the Laguna Village shopping centre was razed to the ground by fire in 2020. All of the buildings including the iconic Polynesian style Tiki thatch roofs that characterised the complex were completely destroyed.  

In retrospect, a tried and tested flame-retardant treatment such as Cape Reed’s Fireshield could have provided a modicum of protection, by making it much more difficult for a spark to take hold. The right protection may not have prevented the fire but it could have slowed its progress.

How does Cape Reed’s Fireshield work?

Cape Reed Fireshield is a unique fire-retardant coating which has been formulated to comply with all relevant international standards for flame resistance and prevention when constructing with natural sustainable materials. The treatment is verified every quarter to ensure that it reaches the correct fire-resistant standards.

Sustainable and non-toxic

What’s more, Fireshield is a water based intumescent coating that does not contain any toxic elements, making it kind for the user and also environmentally friendly.

In fact, the use of fire-retardant’s such as Fireshield are often required by insurance companies before full insurance cover is approved. This is because, although nothing is 100 per cent fireproof, it is possible to take steps to minimise the risk.

Accidents can happen, and most of the time all you need to do is grab a fire extinguisher, but Fireshield adds an extra level of protection.

We all would sleep more peacefully knowing that our investment property or holiday home is protected to the best of our abilityand the insurance policy is in place!