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Wood is the most widely used building material in the world. Not only for its natural beauty, but it is also extremely versatile, sustainable, lightweight, cost-effective and with the right treatment, highly durable and fire retardant. Wood plays an important role in our construction process, we use it for a large percentage of our structures, including banisters, balustrades, pavilions, gazebos and wooden gazebos.

Wood plays an important role in our construction process and is used in a large percentage of our structures.

To ensure the quality and durability of the wooden structures, all of our wood is harvested from sustainable forests and subsequently pressure-treated under the highest quality standards. This ensures not only the preservation of the wood, but also the health and safety of our customers.

This is why we treat our wood with Tan-E wood preservative:

  • Contains copper and organic biocides to minimize environmental impact.
  • Suitable for use on pre-cut wood and wooden poles.
  • Long-term protection against insects (woodworm, termites, etc.) and aging to increase the life of the wood.
  • Penetrates deep into the structure of the wood.
  • Preferred choice for ecological buildings where there are people such as playgrounds, paths etc.
  • Tan-E treatment is verified safe by Ecospecifier Global (these claims are scientifically evaluated using a Life Cycle Thinking (LCT) analysis and a health and ecotoxicity assessment).

Explore Our Commercial Projects for Endless Timber Inspiration

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Cape Reed’s Fireshield could play crucial role in fire prevention for businesses on the Costa del Sol

Marbella, February 2023. International African reed and carpentry expert, Cape Reed, has launched a unique fire-retardant coating that is specifically formulated to help prevent fire from igniting in structures built with materials such as...

How often does thatch roofing need re-thatching?

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Boho Club, Marbella, Spain

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