African Reed

Thatched roofing is a traditional skill passed down over the centuries from one generation of thatchers to the next. These sustainable roof coverings are crafted using straw, reed, palms or similar natural material. As our name suggests, our preferred material is Cape Reed (Thamnochortus insignis) often referred to as the ‘African bulrush’ which is a plant indigenous to South Africa and exclusively found on a strip of coastal land spanning approximately 78km x 23kms.

The African reed is harvested after six years, unlike other types of plants used in thatching and roof manufacture which are harvested after only six months. The advantage of the Cape Reed’s slow growth, is the solid structure which provides greater durability and stability. The reed is more resistant to rot and decay compared to other types of natural materials. The quality of the material allows Cape Reed to guarantee our thatched roofing for 15 years.

  • 100% organic and therefore sustainable
  • Last up to 50 years (when well maintained)
  • Naturally waterproof and UV resistant
  • Solid core providing durability and strength
  • Attractive natural element suitable for all types of buildings including thatched gazebos

Get in touch to find out more about the versatility and benefits of thatched roofing, our team of designers and craftsmen are happy to advise you. Call to request a no-obligation estimate.

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    What We Do

    Thatch Roofing

    Thatch Roofing

    Thatched roofs are constructed using a wooden substructure covered with straw, reeds, palm fronds or a similar material. There is a magical charm and beautiful appearance to rustic thatch roofing that provides an attractive and natural environment.

    Thatched Gazebos

    Thatched Gazebos

    Gazebos are outdoor structures that can be independent or attached to an existing wall, they have a roof and open sides. A thatched gazebo creates a natural shaded area that can be used for many activities.

    Thatched Cabanas

    Thatched Cabanas

    Our cabanas can be seen in many of the best hotels, resorts and residences around the world. These attractive thatched huts are generally small structures with wooden floors and curtains.


    Elevated walkway with a wooden handrail and arbour with thatch roofing using African reed

    Gynmasium cabana – St.Tropez. Pergola with a platform covered with thatch roofing

    Espacio mediterraneo elevado al aire libre con techo de junco, terrazas y balaustradas

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