Top tips for creating a super cool outdoor kitchen

by | Mar 2, 2022 | Blog, Outdoor Inspiration

If you are lucky enough to own a home in Spain, you will most likely have been enticed in part by the long hot summers and sultry warm evenings. So, no matter how beautiful the interior, most of us will spend the majority of our time outdoors. It’s more fun and everyone feels freer.

As you would expect, the Cape Reed have many years of expertise in creating beautiful outdoor kitchens in a wide range of styles, yet all feature Cape Reed’s trade mark, of solid sustainable construction and Cape reed thatch roofing.

All clients and projects are different, some require top of the range restaurant standard equipment and others prefer a more rustic feel, possibly a BBQ island and comfortable seating area. And just because it is outdoors, it doesn’t mean that you will be ‘roughing it’, as outdoor kitchens can have the same level of technology and sophisticated as the indoor version.

Tip 1. Decide what you want / need

The first step when planning an outdoor kitchen is to ask yourself why you want one and what do you envisage using it for. For example, you may see yourself cooking elaborate meals or maybe you are more of a snacks and BBQ person.

When building an outdoor kitchen, it’s crucial to establish your requirements in order to be able to deliver upon your expectations. Here are some simple questions to ask yourself before you start planning your outdoor kitchen:

  1. How much space do you have?
  2. How do you plan to use the outdoor kitchen?
  3. Do you need a preparation area?
  4. Do you want a formal dining room?
  5. Do you need an entertainment area (with dining, comfy seating, bar and kitchen)?
  6. Do you just need a comfy seating area?
  7. Do you want a separate bar?
  8. Do you need to connect utilities (hot water, electricity etc)

Tip 2. Location

When planning an outdoor structure with a kitchen it’s important to plan where the kitchen will sit both in the layout of the gazebo and in relation to your house. Consider how easy it would be to clear up, get things from the house and how your guests would enter the outside space.

You should also take into account the wind direction to avoid smoke and food fumes being blown into the house or lounge area.

The location and orientation of the outdoor structure will dictate the amount of shade provided, so it would make sense to try and utilise your gardens natural shade when deciding where to position the structure.

Tip 3. Services

If you are considering having preparation and washing up facilities, you’ll most likely need access to hot water. A sink is no problem, as you can connect this to a water hose point but if you require hot water, you will need to install a water heater. Which brings us on the next point…the electrics.

If you are planning a lighting system, air conditioning and electrical kitchen appliances, you’ll need to consider where to install power points. All external power points must be weatherproof, even on the counter tops.

Tip 4. The view

When you look out of your windows you want to see a beautiful garden and an equally beautiful outdoor structure – which is always what Cape Reed delivers. However, you may have specific views that you want to highlight or don’t want to obscure. So, it it’s crucial to plan the views from both the new garden structure and also from inside your home.

Tip 5. Choose your style

Cape Reed’s outdoor structures can be created in any style, from light and airy gazebos with whitewashed wooden poles to rustic wooden clad structures. We can create any style of outdoor kitchen, from professional fully fitted restaurant standards fixtures, fittings and appliances, throughout to outdoor BBQ kitchens, traditional pizza oven to elegant poolside bars, the choice is yours.

To give you an idea of what makes a great outdoor kitchen here are five of our favourite designs, each designed to create a unique and inviting space.

Top tips for creating a super cool outdoor kitchen

1. Sophisticated thatch roofed gazebo with fully-equipped outdoor kitchen

Top tips for creating a super cool outdoor kitchen

2. Elegant poolside entertainment space with thatch roofing, concrete and wood columns.

Top tips for creating a super cool outdoor kitchen

3. Rustic wooden gazebo with thatch roof entertainment area and pizza oven

ocina exterior contemporánea con techo de paja

4. Contemporary outdoor kitchen with thatch roofing and wood balustrades, featuring minimal cabinetry and dark appliances.

Zona de ocio con techo de paja

5. Thatch roofed entertainment area with white washed beams, sustainable wood, stone cladding and built-in sofas.

For more information about Cape Reed’s outdoor kitchens and gazebos, visit or email [email protected]