Cape Reed’s thatch roofing transforms the La Zagaleta New Club House in Benahavís, Spain

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Imagine a large private residential complex and country club in the south of Spain. You probably picture white buildings and terracotta tiles in Mediterranean style. So Cape Reed renovated the magnificent clubhouse at La Zagaleta in Benahavís, creating a stunning piece of exterior architecture with natural reed roofs of African Reed. The stunning result offers the wow factor of one of the most private and expensive postcodes in the world.

Four takeaways about the qualities of thatch roofing from this article:

  • Natural cape reed is adaptable to any environment, enhancing all types of architecture.
  • Experience artisan craftspeople create beautiful bespoke structures
  • Reeds harvested after six years for greater durability, longevity and resistance to rot.
  • 100% organic and sustainable materials

About La Zagaleta

La Zagaleta is the most exclusive development in Europe, if not the world. The resort, a former hunting estate owned by Adnan Khashoggi, spans 900 hectares. Purchased by a consortium for 36€ million (after the land was embargoed by the US Government), the land was developed into a limited number of private estates. Nestled amongst the forest, rare species of birds and wildlife thrive just a short drive from the beach clubs and marina of Marbella and Puerto Banús.

Luxury lifestyle at La Zagaleta

Protected by private security, privacy is guaranteed. Residents enjoy an extremely rarefied lifestyle of luxury, peace and quiet, plus an extensive range of exclusive amenities. Nothing is out of bounds, from helipads to a private equestrian centre and beautiful hiking trails and tennis courts. There are also two world-class 18-hole golf courses: the Old Course and New Course.

The New Club House Renovation

It is the New Course’s Club House which has undergone a complete renovation. Spanning 5,000m², the Club House is a popular venue comprising, several bars, lounges, events and hospitality rooms, a gourmet restaurant and terrace, enjoying stunning sea views, reaching as far as Gibraltar.

Techo nuevo de Casa Club La Zagaleta

Cape Reed’s renovation brief

The brief was to ensure the building and facilities are in keeping with La Zagaleta’s very high standards. Cape Reed, a company with a reputation as the ‘masters of thatching’, replaced the original Brezo roof, providing a bespoke sustainable wooden roof structure featuring natural reed thatch roofing.

It was necessary to replace the covered entrance walkway with a completely new wooden structure. Cape Reed removed the original roof cover to thoroughly inspect the wood structure, which was found to be correctly maintained and up to the correct standard. The next step was to install almost 500m² of natural cape reed thatching.

What is Cape Reed thatch roofing?

Cape Reed is one of the best thatching materials in the world. The a African Reed is grown for at least six years prior to harvesting, compared to other commonly used reeds, which are cut after only six months. The longer growth period provides greater durability, with higher resistance to rot compared to other natural materials.


How long does natural thatch roofing last?

The longer growth period before harvesting the African reed ensures its durability, stability and resistance to rot. When maintained correctly there is no reason why your Cape Reed thatch roofing should not last for at least 15 years.

Can artificial reed be used for roofing?

Traditional thatch roofing is made out of natural material like reed. However, synthetic thatch roofing can provide an attractive alternative in areas with heavy rainfall, high humidity and sunshine, as this combination can affect the lifespan of natural reed.

How to choose the right thatch roofing style?

Once you have decided to go for natural reed thatch roofing, the next step is to choose the style of thatching. There are a number of different options, including African thatch, Island thatch and European thatch, as seen on English country cottages. To ensure you make the right decision for your property, speak to one of Cape Reed’s experts who will help you understand the type of structures, materials and the maintenance involved.

Is Cape Reed’s thatch roofing fire retardant?

Yes, all of Cape Reed’s wooden structures, including pergola, gazebos and pavilions are all treated with Cape Reed Fireshield, a flame retardant coating. It complies with all relevant international standards for fire-retardant treatments used in the construction and maintenance of natural materials, such as cape reed thatching and wooden pergolas etc.