Cape Reed’s Top 5 beach clubs on the Costa del Sol

by | Sep 15, 2022 | Blog, Commercial, Travel Destinations, Projects

Marbella and the neighbouring towns on the Costa del Sol are synonymous with a highly prized laid-back outdoor beach side lifestyle. One of the iconic components of the Costa del Sol’s beaches are the chiringuitos and beach clubs ranging from the humble shack on the sand to world-famous beach clubs frequented by international celebrities, such as Nikki Beach.

In fact, we would go so far as to say that Marbella and the surrounding beaches, have some of the best beach bars in the world and many have been given the ‘Cape Reed’ touch of magic to ensure that they also look the part. There is nothing that conveys international beachside chic as the laid-back quality of a tropical style wooden pergola with ‘Tiki Thatch’ real reed thatch roofing and balustrades.

Here are five of our favourite beach clubs on the Costa del Sol.

Nikki Beach (Europe and Dubai)

Cape Reed synthetic thatched roofing Nikki Beach, Marbella

Nikki Beach Marbella synthetic thatch roofing on pool bar.

In pole position we have the world-famous Nikki beach, arguably the original luxury beach club which has venues in the world’s most glamorous location, including the jewel in the Costa del Sol’s crown, Marbella.

Cape Reed has worked with Nikki Beach’s branches in Dubai and Europe, including Ibiza, Marbella and Mallorca. Cape Reed has been associated with this this prominent international brand from the construction stage, providing a range of different services.

European branches bet on resilience synthetic reed roof for pool and beach bars, this element is one of our flagship products at Cape Reed. At the Marbella location, an impressive hexagonal wooden pavilion was created as a beach bar. This pavilion is covered with a golden synthetic reed roof, supported by white wooden slats and pillars. Seeing these materials integrated into the wonderful outdoor landscape bathed by the sea and the tropical palm trees, we can see that they are the perfect combination for this type of architecture. Not forgetting that Cape Reed also created changing rooms and slatted fences in this venue. Meanwhile, the Dubai venue also required high quality wooden sun loungers and beach beds to enjoy the sun.

Boho Club (Marbella, Spain)

Vista exterior restaurante

Exterior view of Boho Club restaurant, Marbella.

The Boho Club is a relatively new wellness resort on Marbella’s illustrious Golden Mile. As its name suggests, the style is boho chic; a carefree, cosy and colourful ambiance. The club is set within mature lush tropical gardens.

For Boho Club Cape Reed's created elegant and sustainable wooden pergolas designed to shade the restaurant's terrace and enhance the relaxed tropical ambience of the venue. The pergola The wooden structure was created using whitewashed wooden poles and wooden slats, this construction creates a beautiful diffused light, which creates the perfect environment for both indoors and outdoors.

Cape Reed created a number of wooden pergolas following this tried and tested formula, of using sustainable whitewashed wood to blend in with the surroundings and to echo the ambiance of the club.

Casa del Mar (Marbella, Spain)

Vista Interior pergolas de madera por Cape Reed

Casa del Mar restaurant Marbella, white washed wooden pergola.

Casa del Mar, is a cosy restaurant in the heart of Marbella, which aims to envelop every diner with a big hug with its authentic Andalusian hospitality, inviting atmosphere and relaxed boho vibe. It is also known for producing high quality dishes using locally sourced meat and fish and all vegetables are from their garden!

Cape Reed’s task was to help the owners to return the original charm whilst creating an elevated wood terrace edged with attractive natural wood railings made from saligna laths. A large wooden pergola was designed and installed over the patio to create a rustic shaded area. This was achieved using whitewashed sustainable pine columns. Then when the sun goes down, the structure and clever lighting create a beautiful grotto effect bursting with ambiance.

Puente Romano (Golden Mile, Marbella)

Sea Grill restaurant hotel Puente Romano techo junco africano pergola madera blanca


Located on the Golden Mile, Puente Romano is one of the most emblematic hotels in Marbella, just a stone's throw away from the other world famous venue, the Marbella Club Hotel. Within the hotel grounds is the restaurant "The Sea Grill", which was in need of a refurbishment to give it an external appearance that would fit in with its surroundings.

Cape Reed was proud to be involved in this project which involved a large team of contractors to rebuild and transform the venue, including high quality thatch roofing. You can read more about it here in our blog.

Aüa Playa (Marbella, España)

Aüa beach umbrellas

Aüa Playa (now renamed Casasolei at Aua) unique umbrellas created by Cape Reed.

Also located on the Golden Mile, Aua Playa (now rebranded as Casasolei at Aua), is a contemporary minimalist style beach bar that is considered one of trendiest on the Coast. The structure was designed by Joaquin Torres of A-Cero architectural practice in Madrid, using natural materials for the interior and exterior architecture that would resonate with the clientele.

Cape Reed created 16 unique umbrellas shades with thatch for the beach and installed sustainable eucalyptus wooden railings and hardwood decking for the interior dining area. The simplicity of the natural wood and reed thatch roofing perfectly fits within beachside environment.

If you would like advice about the benefits of custom-made pergola, gazebos and other outdoor structures for your business, get in touch with our team of designers and craftsmen at [email protected]. Ask about our Cape Reed Fireshield fire-retardant treatment!