How to get the most out of your gazebo all year round

by | Dec 1, 2022 | Blog, Outdoor Inspiration

Possibly you are one of those lucky people who enjoy large outdoor spaces or a big garden to enjoy with your family or friends. If that's your case, today we bring you an idea that will take your outdoor space to the next level: a gazebo with African reed roof. The installation of this type of made-to-measure wooden structures in gardens turns this space into a completely different one with a beautiful aesthetic and, in addition, allows this space to be used all year round.

Most of us have appreciated the tropical coolness, both temperature and style-wise, of a thatch roof with a cooling ceiling fan to provide the perfect protection on a sizzling hot Spanish summer day. Ideal for al-fresco dining, cooking or simply relaxing with friends protected from the hot summer rays. Yet, you may not have considered that these beautiful handmade wooden structures are also ideal for keeping dry and warm during the winter time.

All year-round decoration

Where to start… there are so many uses for a gazebo, from lounge, bar, kitchen, BBQ and dining room to poolside chill out area, that the choice of decoration is almost infinite.

As a free-standing wooden structure with a thatch roof, a gazebo offers the perfect setting for a winter wonderland retreat. It provides the feeling of privacy and comfort whilst still experiencing the outdoors.

Wood Christmas wonderland

The beauty of this type of permanent structure is that you can either add permanent features, such as plumbed in appliances or go down the more seasonal route with different elements according to the season. Once the heat of mid-summer has passed, many of the features such as lighting, candles and plants can be carried through into winter. Fairy lights are equally effective whilst dining al-fresco on a hot summer night as they are at Christmas time. Similarly, candles are a must, just swap the citronella for a more festive wintery fragrance. Imagine snuggled under a cosy throw around an open fire with a glass of mulled wine – heaven!

Heating your wooden gazebo

It is possible to mount a heater on any solid structure, including a gazebo de madera. Hay muchas opciones para elevar la temperatura durante el invierno, desde colgantes decorativos, calentadores de patio por infrarrojos, o incluso, hasta calentadores de propano de mesa.

Of course, there is the option of the decorative and extremely festive firepits. If you are not comfortable with an open flame within a wooden structure, you can go for propane or natural gas (this would require installation). The best option would be a bioethanol firepit or fire table, as they use sustainable and renewable energy, which is in line with Cape Reed’s sustainable construction practices.

Fire proofing your gazebo

There is one way to protect our bespoke wooden gazebos and reed roofs, and that is to treat the structure with Cape's Reed's unique fire retardant coating, Fireshield. The formula has been developed to delay the spread of a possible fire as much as possible, and has been created under the relevant international standards of safety, resistance and fire prevention. If you want to know more about this topic you can read our blog here..

Warming winter water

Some people swear by the health benefits of a cold-water bathing, whether they are swimming in arctic waters or taking a mid-winter dip on Brighton beach. Your gazebo could be the perfect place to install a cold-water bath tank. No ready to go that far yet? In that case you could opt for a relaxing Spa or hot tub. If you are going down this route it is advisable to design the gazebo for this purpose.

Add value with extra space

Add value to your home, enjoy your outdoor space and save money! There is no denying that creating an addition outdoor room in your garden will add value to your home, and this is exactly what you are doing when you install a permanent wood gazebo in your garden. There is nothing quite as liberating as adding an extra space, be it for entertaining, enjoying some alone time or communing with nature.

Cape Reed Christmas offer!

Cape Reed is currently offering big discounts (and a free gift) on five timber and thatch roof structures, which means you can add extra space, add value and save money!

There is a choice of eco-friendly natural wooden structures, created using sustainable materials such as Eucalyptus wood. Substantial savings can be made on the St.Tropez, Marbella, Jumeirah, Dominica and Ibiza, ranging from 16m² to 24m². The offer is available for a limited time only check out the website for full details.

High quality eco-friendly wooden structure

When you buy a gazebo Cape Reed timber, a pergola or any other timber structure, you will be assured that the design, supply and construction will be made from sustainable natural materials.

If you would like to find out more about Cape Reed’s gazebos, handcrafted furniture and other outdoor structures, get in touch at [email protected].