1. ¿Cuál es la vida útil del tejado de junco de Cape Reed?With regular and proper maintenance, a genuine Cape Reed thatch roof and wooden structures can last for 50 years and longer.

2. ¿Con qué frecuencia hay que hacer el mantenimiento de las cubiertas de Junco?It is recommended to have your Cape Reed thatch roofing inspected and serviced every five years.

3. ¿Qué grado de impermeabilidad tiene un tejado de paja de Cape Reed?When thatched to a thickness of 180mm and a minimum pitch of 35°, a Cape Reed thatch roof is 100% waterproof.

4. ¿Qué servicios ofrece Cape Reed International?Diseñamos, suministramos e instalamos estructuras de madera y junco sostenibles de alta calidad para todo tipo de propiedades en todo el mundo. Entre ellas se incluyen techos de junco, pérgolas de madera y otras construcciones de madera como: cubiertas, revestimientos, balaustradas, puentes, estructuras de juego, camas de día y mucho más. También suministramos e instalamos techos de  . fabricados por Endureed.

5. ¿De dónde procede el material de Cape Reed?We place huge emphasis on the quality of our material and therefore only use the very best, natural sustainable material in all our constructions. We only use Cape Reed (thamnochortus insignis), a unique reed native to the Southern Cape region of South Africa. Similarly, our wooden structures are made using sustainable timber (pinus radiata and eucalyptus), responsibly sourced from FSC managed forests.

6. ¿Puede cerrarse una estructura de Cape Reed?Yes, a thatched wooden structure can be enclosed with timber, glazing, concrete or any other suitable material.

7. ¿Por qué utilizar junco de Cape Reed y no caña de agua / caña de Norfolk / paja, etc.?The Cape reed plant must grow for an average of six years before it is harvested. The growth period for other thatch roofing material averages only six months. There are many advantages for slower growth, including the inner material of the plant that grows solid and becomes more stable, with a much higher density and less absorbent to moisture. As a result, the product is less prone to rotting and general decay compared to other thatching material.

Cape reed thatch roofing has naturally good acoustic qualities, providing extremely quiet living conditions. Cape reed thatching serves as a thermal insulator when thatched at a minimum thickness of 180 mm. Cool in summer, warm in winter.

It is very versatile as a construction material, making it possible to cover irregular roof structures and it can also be structurally designed to create additional space in your living area. This is made possible by creating the required roof pitch to create useable loft area.

8. ¿Puedo comprar Junco y madera de Cape Reed para proyectos de bricolaje?Sí, diríjase a nuestra tienda online o visite cualquiera de nuestras oficinas situadas here..

9. ¿Ofrecen protección contra el fuego para sus productos naturales?Sí, aplicamos un producto químico ignífugo especialmente formulado, Cape Reed Fireshield fire-retardant treatment, para reducir el riesgo de incendio en los materiales naturales. Como parte de nuestro proceso de fabricación de junco, todos nuestros tejados de junco vienen de serie con una manta ignífuga incorporada, Cape Reed Firebloc, que mejora aún más la resistencia de los tejados de junco al fuego.

10. ¿En qué región(es) opera Cape Reed?We have offices in Europe (Estepona), the Middle East (Dubai) and Africa (Cape Town), strategically located to enable us to carry out work across the globe. offices offices in Europe (Estepona), the Middle East (Dubai) and Africa (Cape Town), strategically located to enable us to carry out work across the globe.

11. ¿Por qué utilizar Cape Reed Fireshield?Enhanced protection against fire - this is the single most serious risk to any natural structure, especially in environments where BBQ's and other sources of open flames are readily present.

Insurance requirements - many insurance companies require the application/treatment of natural structures to be completed prior to being fully insured.

Three-year re-application period, making it cost effective and providing longer term coverage and peace of mind.

Up-to-date technology in the development of the products, making it the preferred product within the industry for the treatment against fire.

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12. ¿Quién está utilizando Cape Reed Fireshield?Commercial projects and developments within the hospitality, leisure and entertainment industry, such as chiringuitos and beach clubs.

Residential owners with natural structures.

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13. ¿Qué ofrece Cape Reed Fireshield?Peace of mind fire protection for your investment through simple application of our fire-retardant coatings.

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