8 ways to create the perfect outdoor space in Spain

by | Aug 18, 2022 | Blog, Outdoor Inspiration

When you live in a country as beautiful as Spain, with a magnificent year-round climate, it's all about the outdoor lifestyle. Whether you prefer long, warm lunches under a pergolaWhether you prefer to relax by the pool or enjoy the atmosphere around a campfire, the outdoors is where most people want to be.

Of course, this means that you’ll want to make the most of your outdoor space to get as much use out of it as possible. If you have a large private estate, it could be perfect for a pavilion, pergola bar, summerhouse, or any other type of garden structures. There is also so much that can be achieved with a compact patio or terrace to bring it to life and create a cosy corner to entertain, relax and unwind.

Here are Cape Reed’s tips for creating an outdoor space to suit every lifestyle and budget. So, let’s start large with exterior architecture…

     1. Perfect Pergolas

When imaging the perfect long-hot summer holiday, a beautiful vine covered pergola is often part of the picture. A pergola is a wooden installation that can add another dimension to your outdoor space and your home. Providing not only a place to chill or dine out, a prop against which you can grow plants and flowers, but also an extra layer of protection and shade. Cape Reed’s stunning wooden pergolas are custom made and can include slatted wooden roofs for rustic semi shade.

La pérgola crea una espacio de sombra que se puede disfrutar durante todo el día

     2. Get a Gazebo

Have you ever thought about installing an outdoor kitchen? If you have, you may know that one of the best solutions is to house it in an outdoor kitchen. gazebo outdoor dining. You can choose the style you want, from sophisticated structures to house a standard contemporary chef's kitchen or a more rustic reed arbour with just a pizza oven. Read ‘Tips for Creating a Super Cool Outdoor Kitchen’ for more ideas.

Of course, there are many ways a professionally crafted gazebo can add value and character to your property and enhance your lifestyle, from al-fresco dining rooms, seating areas and pool entertaining areas. It is also possible to customise your gazebo with features such as wooden balustrades or banister, white stained wood, decking, mood lighting and of course stunning thatch roofing.

Pergola junco africano area ocio conica exterior

     3. Fancy dozing on a daybed?

When the weather is warm there is nothing quite so decadently relaxing as sprawling out on your own daybed or covered cabana. Why not commission your very own daybed? You can ask Cape Reed’s designers and craftsmen to create beautiful custom-made cabanas using natural eco-friendly wood, so that they are beautiful, practical and sustainable.

Cape Reed timber daybed

     4. Light up your life

When planning an interior design scheme, the right lighting can make or break a room, the same is true with an outdoor space. Apart from the obvious of illuminating a space to see what you are doing and for safety reasons, it also sets a mood, can create intimate corners and evening ambiance. So, once you have decided upon your outdoor structures, whether you want uplighters or downlights, pendants, strings of fairy lights and or candles, there is nothing quite as cost efficient and effective as a lighting plan.

Shanti-Som well-being retreat pavilion with thatch roof with Cape Reed in a Balinese style

     5. Furniture

When furnishing your garden, terrace or gazebo, there is a myriad of options that you can choose, from contemporary, Tuscan to traditional Spanish. It is also possible to commission custom-made wooden furniture and benches to make the most of restricted space and provide storage. It’s important to bear in mind that although garden furniture can be protected, it must be able to withstand the elements. It is advisable to buy the best furniture in your budget to ensure strength and durability.

Rustic timber furniture

     6. Update with upholstery and accessories

We’ve all seen the transformation that a few well-placed throws, cushions, rugs and ornaments can achieve. Dressing a space is just as important outside as inside. It is not cost-effective to constantly update expensive items of garden furniture, however, accessories can add pops of colour at a much more affordable price.

Accessories allow you to stamp your personality on your outdoor space without investing a fortune. Light, bright table linen, cushions and beachy coloured rugs can provide a laid-back relaxed vibe in the summer, which can be switched for more seasonal shades, fabrics and textures in the winter. Wraps, blankets and throws can provide additional interest and a cosy feeling when the sun goes down and during the winter.

Bright decor with a gabled thatch roof

     7. Fanning the flames - Firepits

Speaking of creating a cosy feeling after sundown… this is where the firepit comes into its own. Again, the sky is the limit, the options range from custom-made table with integral gas fireplace to very simple more rustic models. They are perfect for gathering to share drinks with family and friends.

Outdoor firepit

     8. Plants, pots and flower

Last but not least, the addition of well-placed potted plants and seasonal flowers can bring any space to life. If you are not sure about perennials, annuals or shrubs, it can be fun finding out. Any large garden centre will be able provide a range of plants and beautiful pots to give you outside space the finishing touch.

Pots and plants for outdoor decor

If you would like advice about the benefits of custom-made pergola, gazebos and other outdoor structures, get in touch with our team of designers and craftsman at [email protected].